Zeiss was founded in 1846 in Jena, Germany and still there today. Zeiss Ikon was formed in 1926 by the merger of four camera makers (Contessa-Nettel, Ernemann, Goerz and Ica), and an infusion of capital by Zeiss. Read more about Zeiss at Camerapedia

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Ikoflex (850/16)

Description Original "coffee can" model. All black enamel finish on cast-magnesium body. 80mm Novar f4.5 lens. Derval, Kilo or Compur-Rapid shutter. 2 film counters (for 120 and 620 films); lever focus under lens; knob focus after 1936. "Ikoflex" on shutter above lens. Early versions have art-deco finder hood. Later model hoods are leather covered.
Year 1934-1937
Film Size 120 and 620 rollfilm
Value $200 - $300
Acquired January 27, 2013. Purchased at Antique Outlet in Hurst for $250.
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Downtown Irving TX July 27, 2013


Ikonta 35 (522/24)

Description Folding 35mm with central door and very rigid front standard. 45mm Novar f3.5, Tessar f2.8 or Xenar f2.8 (1949-1951 only). "Ikonta" in leather on back. Later models had accessory shoe. Also sold as Contina I from about 1951. The Iknota 35 name was dropped in 1953, but the Contina I continued.
Year 1948-1953
Film Size 35mm
Value $50 - $75
Acquired July 2013. Bought on ebay for $31.
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plane 3 plane 2 plane 1
De Ridder Antiques Forney TX August 4, 2013