Mamiya was founded in May 1940 by Mamiya Seiichi and Sugawara Tsunejiro as Mamiya Koki Seisakusho, Mamiya Optical Works). It was based in Tokyo, Hongo, and its first camera was the Mamiya Six, a 6×6 folder with coupled rangefinder that focused by moving the film plane. Read more about Mamiya at Camerapedia

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Description SLR Behind-the-lens Copal shutter B, 15-250. Mirror flap serves as shutter. Sekor f2.8/48mm non-interchangeable lens. Uncoupled exposure meter with cell on front of prism.
Year c1962
Film Size 35mm
Value $60 - $90
Acquired July 30, 2010. Purchased on ebay for $1.80
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