AGFA was the abbreviation for Aktien-Gesellschaft für Anilin-Fabrikation, given in 1873 to a company that had been founded in Berlin in 1867. It produced chemicals for photography. Most famous is the film developer Rodinal, introduced in 1892 and continued for 115 years. When Agfa obtained the Rietzschel camera works in Munich from Bayer in 1925, it badged all Rietzschel products with its Agfa rhombus. In 1926 it introduced the first real Agfa camera, the Standard. In 1927 the name Rietzschel disappeared from the products. In that year the successful Billy camera series was introduced, and Agfa licensed Ansco to manufacture its products for the American market. Read more about Agfa at Camerapedia and Ansco at Camerapedia

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No. 1A Folding Ansco

Description Anastigmat f7.5 in llex
Year c1915 - 1926
Film Size 116 rollfilm
Value $12 - $20
Acquired May 2010. Purchased on eBay for $7.50
Sample Photos

Cowboys Stadium Arlington TX June 19, 2010 I think I forgot to set the distance which resulted in this out of focus photo. I will retest.


No. 1 Ansco Junior

Description Vertical-style. Originally available with Achromatic, Rectilinear or Modico Anastigmat lens in Actus or Bionic shutter. Later versions had other options.
Year c1924 - 1932
Film Size 2 1/4 X 3 1/4" on rollfilm
Value $15 - $30
Acquired December 2007. Christmas gift from a friend.
Sample Photos

No sample photo due to light leaks in bellows


No. 1 Readyset Royal

Description Folding camera with genuine leather covering in specially embossed and colored finish. The somewhat random radical striations and the brown & black mottled colors give the appearance of the fur of a silver fox. The exposed metal parts are grey enameled. Black bellows; chrome trim. Originally packaged in silver-colored cardboard box.
Year c1931 - 1932
Film Size B2
Value $30 - $50
Acquired October 15, 2000. Purchased at Looking Glass Antique Mall in Lewisville, Texas for $45
Sample Photos

No sample photo due to light leaks in bellows


D-6 Shur-Shot Special

Description Same as Shur-Shot Regular, but with built-in closeup lens. Early type, c1935, has black art-deco faceplate, has vertical band of 30 narrow stripes, flanked by three stars on each side of the lens. Later, c1939, has light face with U-shaped band of 6 thin black stripes.
Year c1935-1941
Film Size 116
Value $5 - $15
Acquired cAugust 2004. Gift from a friend.
Sample Photos

Currently untested



Description Basic box camera with flash attachment. The film box still contains two unopened rolls of film. There is one opened roll, but it does not appear to have been exposed. Looks like it was just opened and placed back inside the foil wrapper. The expiration date on the back of the film box says May 1961.
Year c1953
Film Size 120
Value $1 - $10 Original list price according to the card it came with was $9.75 including tax. This included the Shur-Flash Camera, Anscoflash Type III, three rolls of Ansco all-weather film and four flashlamps. The two AA batteries for the flash were not included.
Acquired June 2005. Gift from parents.
Sample Photos

Currently untested


Super Regent

Description Made by Agfa Munchen; the Ansco equivalent of the Agfa Super solinette. CRF. Solinar f3.5 lens in Synchro-Compurshutter
Year 1954 - 1960
Film Size 35mm
Value $55 - $85
Acquired June 11, 2000. Purchased at Montgomery Street Antique Mall in Fort Worth, Texas for $21.
Sample Photos

Flowers and tree in my yard Bedford TX July 17, 2010