Busch Optical Mfg. Co., also known as Busch Precision Camera Corporation was a camera maker in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The company was known for its versatile press cameras. Characteristic metal bodied Busch press cameras provided an optical finder and a big sports finder for image composition, and most models had also a rangefinder. Read more about Busch at Camerapedia

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Pressman Model D

Description f4.7 127mm Ektar lens. Press camera styled like Graphic. The body is made of aluminum.
Year c1949
Film Size 4X5
Value $175 - $250
Acquired December 2007. Bought on ebay for $250.
Sample Photos

Stables, nature preserve and friend's house in east Texas May 29, 2010


Pressman Model C

Description f4.5 101mm Wollensak lens. Miniature press camera
Year c1949
Film Size 2 1/4 X 3 1/4
Value $125 - $200
Acquired August 22, 2010. Bought on ebay for $125.
Sample Photos

Jamieson's and W North Commerce Street Wills Point TX Septemebr 4, 2010